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At sailor.gr you can enjoy 
Holidays or your Private Sailing Lessons or Sailing Practice!

Weekend sailing:   It is the best approach. We will visit the close by destinations check this
         Work all week, sail on the close by Athens riviera islands during weekend and be in another mood. 
          It does not matter if you sail, swim, or just relax on the yacht.
Sailing Licence : If you have a sailing license, you may not remember any of it.
      Justifiably feel that you can't, but everything comes back!
      With this boat and with an experienced coach, professional skipper - trainer.
      You can, with proper guidance in practice, 
      steer the boat and regain confidence and    act as a real skipper again!
Refresh your knowledge to re-remember everything in one trip,
      or even engage professionally with above practice and lots of training.
Remember :  If you have already been taught something,
         Nothing is forgotten. 
          It just needs practice and refreshing of knowledge
Your friends : You can bring along your friends to enjoy a nice weekend, while you practice sailing. 
We provide you with the boat and an expirienced skipper.

price list for boat chartering